CWL Excellent

New: Comfort domestic ventilation CWL Excellent

  • The new Wolf CWL‑180 Excellent, CWL-300 Excellent and CWL‑400 Excellentcomfort mechanical ventilation units are distinguished by their light and compact design, removable plastic cross-countercurrent plate heat exchanger and low energy consumption with heat recovery of up to 95 %. The CWL‑300 Excellent and CWL‑400 Excellent include a bypass and electric preheater coil as standard.

    In addition, all three models are available with an optional category F7 supply air filter. Furthermore, reheater coils, enthalpy heat exchangers, air quality sensors and humidity sensors are available as accessories.

  • Benefits to remember:

    • Clean, pollen-free fresh air – plus traffic noise is kept outside
    • Removable plastic cross-countercurrent plate heat exchanger
    • Heat recovery up to 95 %
    • Automatic frost protection control
    • “Constant flow” energy saving EC DC fans
    • Category F7 outdoor air filter available as an option
    • Engineering support with Wolf sizing software