Wolf CWL comfortable home ventilation

Actively hinders mould growth!

With the CWL comfortable home ventilation with heat recovery, used air from the kitchen, bathroom and WC is extracted, the heat is removed in the cross- and counterflow flow plate heat exchanger, and it is released into the open after filtering.

Data and facts at a glance:

  • Removable plastic cross- and counterflow plate heat exchanger.

    Up to 95% of heat reclaimed from the used air.

    Suitable for detached houses, apartment buildings and offices.

    Clean, pollen-free fresh air – ventilation with closed windows, with no noise from the street (not just for allergic persons).

    Bypass for night cooling on device types CWL-300 B and CWL-400 B.

    One fan each for incoming and outgoing air, continuously variable regulation; low energy consumption from DC fans.

  • Constant flow fans maintain a constant airflow quantity at any selected fan speed. This achieves lasting high efficiency, and reduces initial adjustment to a minimum.  The automatic frost-protection regulation provides optimum protection against freezing.

    3 device sizes, with airflows of 180 m3/h, 300 m3/h, and 400 m3/h.

    The device is wired ready to plug in, and there is a filter exchange indicator at the switch.