HPC-M ja L veejahuti 350kW-1600kW


Integrated freecooling system to enhance energy savings and increase reliability.

Fast Start Ramp

Fast Start Ramp is the innovative technology which ensures immediate restoration of chiller operation following a power restart. This reliable technology allows the activation sequence to begin 20 seconds after power restoration, ensuring water temperatures remain stable.

iCOM Control

The iCOM software has been developed by Emerson Network Power to specifically ensure the intelligent control of the units within the dynamic data center environment.

Screw Compressors

Excellent performance is ensured both at full and partial load as a result of the continuous capacity control system integrated within the control logic.

EC Fans

High efficiency EC motors guarantee a 25% saving in energy consumption compared to traditional AC motors. EC fans are further optimized for operation, eliminating electromagnetic-related noise and minimizing overall sound emission.


This unique functioning mode may be set up in combination with the Liebert® PCW in order to additionally enhance energy savings.  This function allows the floor mount units to communicate via LAN with the freecooling chiller, automatically increasing water temperature when the thermal load decreases. This in turn enhances the system’s seasonal efficiency and freecooling operating time.

100% Cooling Availability

  • Advanced iCOM Control logic and components aimed at guaranteeing maximum availability
  • Fast start ramp ensures immediate restoration of chiller operation
  • Enhanced management of availability and redundancy as a result of the flexible iCOM teamwork logics

Extremely Low Operating Costs

  • Significant freecooling capacity results in the reduction of compressors’ working hours
  • Maximized efficiency as a result of state-of-the-art technologies such as EC Fans and Electronic Expansion Valve
  • Further minimization of the total cooling system energy consumption allowed by the iCOM teamwork working logics

Extremely Low Noise

  • Innovative EC Fans and special acoustic insulations guarantee the greatest comfort. Three noise level versions available.