HPC-W vesijahutusega veejahutid 280-1200 kW

High-Efficiency Water-Cooled Chiller 280-1200 kW

The Liebert HPC-W is a watercooled chiller (280-1200 kW) with semihermetic screw compressors. Three different sound emission versions offer the possibility to choose standard or unrivalled low noise level.

The “Superchillers” execution, with built-in freecooling section, and “Supersaver” system, providing complete integration with indoor airconditioning units, allow extraordinary energy savings and increased system lifetime and reliability.

With @connectivity, a highly sophisticated way to let the system components communicate, HPC is part of the network created for an improved operations management system.Read more about Liebert HPC-W in the press release: Emerson Network Power’s Range of Liebert® HPC Free Cooling Chillers Gains ECA Certification.

  • Designed with oversized condensers
  • Characterized by EER and IPLV on the top of the market
  • Available with two independent refrigerant circuits and with highly reliable components, accurately managed by the microprocessor
  • The use of Economiser brings further efficiency and more capacity steps
  • Base, Low Noise and Quiet to give an answer to all the different requests of sound emissions arising from the market
  • Almost 300 different models
  • A complete list of options and accessories