LH soojapuhurid

Wolf Air heater LH

  • Designed for all fields of space heating, Wolf air heaters always ensure constantly pleasant temperatures, e.g. in warehouses and production facilities. Equipped with modern, economical EC fans, the new Wolf air heater series greatly reduces power consumption.

    Whether in the smaller version, the Wolf LH-EC 25 with a flow rate of 2400 m³/h, or in the most powerful version, the LH-EC 100 with a flow rate of 9400 m³/h, all Wolf air heaters feature well-engineered, sophisticated technology and are easy to install and maintain.

  • The new LH-EC air heater series at a glance:

    • Smooth-running, variable speed fan (230 V/50 Hz)
    • Energy saving primarily in the partial load range
    • Air flow rates of up to 9400 m3/h
    • Very good sound levels – extremely quiet
    • Variable control possible via 0-10 V signal
    • Very robust housing
    • Detachable casing panels allow heat exchanger to be removed
    • Cu/Al heat exchanger, suitable for pumped warm water (heating coil, DHW coil), pumped hot water up to 140 °C at nominal pressure up to 16 bar, steam up to 9 bar,
    • alternatively in zinc-plated steel