Comfort thermal wheel heat exchanger ventilation unit CRL

For indoor and for outdoor installation

Compact units with heat recovery are designed for controlled ventilation in modern properties. The regulations for energy saving and air hygiene in buildings have led to an increase in the technical and hygienic requirements of ventilation systems. CRL units with heat recovery provide rooms with filtered outdoor air, the volume of which can be adjusted to ensure sufficient supply. At the same time, a corresponding volume of used room air containing CO2 is removed and exhausted. This results in other pollutants such as odours, fine dust, moisture etc. being removed effectively as well.

Maximum air quality – maximum tightness

The new CRL series from Wolf sets new standards in many respects. Three different thermal wheel heat exchangers are available to choose from: versions with sorption, enthalpy or condensation rotors. All versions are equipped as standard with the new sealing system that features an extremely high tightness rate of 98 %. Optionally, use of sorption rotors enables direct moisture transfer from the extract to the supply air side. All appliances are fully assembled electrically and, thanks to their modular design, very easily installed.