Midea VRF indoor units DC Series

MDV-D56Q4/N1-D, MDV-D71Q4/N1-D, MDV-D100Q4/N1-D, MDV-D112Q4/N1-D, MDV-D140Q4/N1-D, MDV-D15Q4/N1-A3, MDV-D22Q4/N1-A3, MDV-D28Q4/N1-A3, MDV-D36Q4/N1-A3, MDV-D45Q4/N1-A3, MDV-D22G/N1-S, MDV-D28G/N1-S, MDV-D36G/N1-S, MDV-D56G/N1-S, MDV-D71G/N1-S MDV-D71G-R3/N1Y, MDV-D80G-R3/N1Y, MDV-D90G-R3/N1Y.

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Advantage of VRF Indoor Units Compact Four-way Cassette
with DC Brushless Fan Motor

The VRF indoor units are the new energy saving products
improved with advanced DC driven technology. The VRF
indoor units have advanced technology of high energy
efficiency, low noise operation and precision temperature
control, so are ideal for hospitals, office building, hotels, airports
and various other applications.


IDU DC motor

Energy Eciency, Comply with CE Regulation

The power consumption of DC driven VRF indoor units can be reduced up to 30% in comparison to corresponding AC type.

IDU DC motor01

Quiet Operation

Unit noise is 2~5dB(A) lower compared to an AC motor VRF indoor unit, creating
a quiet living environment.