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Midea All DC Inverter V5 Series VRF


  • All DC inverter compressor,

V5X compressor1


  • New Plate type sub-cooler for Inverter board (Midea Patented CN 202792288 U)

V5X inverter cooler

  • Newly Designed Fan
    A new blade with sharp edges and a slight curve increases the airflow rate and lowers vibration and airflow resistance

V5X fan

  • Variable Refrigerant Temperature (VRT)
  • ESEER up to 7.6

    V5X cop

High EER and COP Values
V5 X Series achieves the industry’s top class energy efficiency in cooling and heating by utilizing all
DC inverter compressors, all DC fan motors, and high efficiency heat exchanger.
The cooling EER is up to 4.7 and the heating COP is up to 5.6 in the 8HP category.

  • Up to 88HP by 4 ODUs combination
  • Up to 88 IDUs
  • Connection ratio up to 200%
  • Longer piping: maximum distance for indoor units 225m, total system piping length 1000m

V5X pipe lenght

  • Two core shielded wire, non-polarity communication.
  • Optional Automatic refrigerant charge function
  • Auto commissioning
    Outdoor unit can distribute addresses for indoor units automatically. Wireless and wired controllers can query and modify each indoor unit’s address.

V5X auto adressing

  • Phase sequence detection circuit for three-phase electricity & Electricity shortage identification
  • Auto refrigerant recycling
  • Night Silent Operation ModeNight Silent Mode feature which is easily set on the PCB board allows the unit to be set to various time options during Non-peak
    and Peak operation time minimizing the units noise output.

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